The new Black Sea-Caspian Freight Transport Corridor provides a solid ground for sustainable economic growth, peace and stability

4.03.2019, Bucharest – “Georgia’s desire is to accelerate regional cooperation and economic interconnections among our countries that will be a solid ground for sustainable development, peace and stability across the Black Sea and Caspian regions” – the Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani is quoted as saying at the joint press conference following the quadrilateral meeting of the foreign ministers of Georgia, Romania, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.
According to David Zalkaliani, launching of Romania-Georgia-Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan high-level dialogue on the development of the transport infrastructure is an extremely timely initiative aimed to further enhance the region’s geo-political importance. As the Minister noted, Georgia has already proved its credibility as reliable partner and active participant of the several regional projects and initiatives designed to create the competitive transit routes between East and West.

“We aim to enhance Georgia’s role as a transportation and logistics hub. To make efficient use of Georgia’s geo-strategic position, Government has already embarked on a comprehensive multibillion programme of upgrade and development of country’s framework transport infrastructure (highways, ports and railways systems), consequently, in a long term perspective, reaping more benefits from increased traffic of goods and general cargo” – David Zalkaliani said. 
The Minister highlighted the need to deepen cooperation across the Black Sea and Caspian regions. In this regard, the new Black Sea-Caspian Freight Transport Corridor takes on particular significance. According to Zalkaliani, the establishment of this strategic Black Sea-Caspian Freight Transport Corridor opens additional possibilities for multilateral cooperation thus becoming an essential prerequisite for ensuring economic growth, as well as for strengthening security and stability in the region.
In the words of the Minister, Georgia is keen to implement ambitious projects and facilitate strong interregional connection. “In this regard we are going to upgrade one of the Georgian ports of Poti and develop new deep sea port “Anaklia” to receive large-capacity PANAMAX-type cargo ships, increase cargo flow through region and facilitate trade between East and West” – Zalkaliani said.
The Minister paid special attention to the fact that the EU considers the sustainable connectivity between Europe and Asia as part of its strategy, “which serves to strengthen physical integration in the areas of energy, transport and communications”.
“We underlined the importance of EU's Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T) which has been extended with the aim to connect the TEN-T with networks in Asia” – the Minister said.
By the end of the press conference, the Minister once again highlighted that sustainable development across the Black Sea and Caspian regions depends on mutual action. According to Zalkaliani, regional co-operation has a huge potential bringing tangible benefits and prosperity to the countries of the region, including Georgia.