We’ll use all instruments available to us to provide the international community with detailed information regarding this alarming fact

13.03.2019, Tbilisi – The Georgian Foreign Minister, David Zalkaliani commented on the death of a Georgian citizen in the Gali district. According to the Minister, the government uses all instruments available to establish the circumstances surrounding the death of the 29-year-old Georgian citizen.
“Yesterday, through the hotline of the EUMM mission, we received alarming information that a Georgian citizen allegedly committed a suicide. We have already taken steps to inform the international community concerning the fact, we spoke with the EU special representative to Georgia, as well as with co-chairs of the Geneva International Discussions from the OSCE” -  Zalkaliani said.

According to him, All Georgian embassies have received instructions to inform their host countries of the the death of the Georgian citizen.

Zalkaliani said that Georgia uses all mechanisms to establish objective circumstances around the death case.