The North Atlantic Council’s meeting with Georgia and Ukraine

The North Atlantic Council (NAC) held a meeting with Georgia and Ukraine at the level of foreign ministers, in Brussels, on 4 December. Discussions focused on issues relating to Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration, regional security and defence reforms.
The Allies highly appraised Georgia’s progress on the Euro-Atlantic integration path. It was highlighted that the Alliance is committed to the Bucharest Summit’s decision that Georgia will become a member of NATO.  The Allies also reaffirmed that Georgia has all practical instruments for membership of the Alliance.
The Member States of the Alliance highlighted Georgia’s progress in implementing the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package that is aimed at enhancing Georgia’s defence capabilities and interoperability with NATO’s armed forces.
According to the participants of the meeting, NATO-Georgia joint military exercise scheduled for March 2019 is of paramount importance. It was highlighted that Russia’s aggressive actions in the Azov and Black Seas point to the fragility of security in the region. Special mention, in this context, was made of the situation in Georgia’s occupied territories. The Allies expressed their concern over the creeping occupation and human rights violations in the occupied regions.    
Reaffirming its readiness to further develop co-operation with Georgia in ensuring Black Sea security, the Alliance paid special attention to its practical co-operation with Georgia in this regard that was reflected in the Brussels Summit Declaration.
The Allies noted with gratitude that as a future member of the Alliance Georgia makes an important contribution to international security and that with its troops in Afghanistan, Georgia is the largest non-NATO troop contributor.
The Allies highly appraised the ongoing democratic reforms in the country and Georgia’s positive role in the region.