The Republic of Angola

A citizen of Georgia planning to travel to the Republic of Angola is required to apply for a respective visa (tourist, business, or any other type of visa)

Visas are issued by the Consular Service of the Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Moscow/Paris.

A list of documents to be submitted to the consular service:

  • visa application form;
  • 2 biometric photos taken during the last 6 months;
  • Passport valid for the next 6 months;
  • Invitation/letter from the inviting person/organization indicating the purpose and duration of a trip;
  • A letter from the employer indicating the applicant’s position and salary (translated into English and notarized);
  • Proof of financial support (e.g. bank account statement of the last 6 months, etc);
  • Fixed-date ticket;
  • Hotel reservation;
  • Visa fee: $100 –10 working days; $200 –5 working days.

Please be advised that you should address a respective consular service to verify the aforesaid information.

In case of travelling to the Republic of Angola for short stay, you may receive a visa by uploading relevant documents and filling the Application Form on the following web-page:  . After the completing procedures an e-visa will be issued to the applicant.

For additional detailed information check out the website of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Angola at:

Address of the Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Moscow:
Olof Palme Str. 6, 119590 Moscow
Tel: +7 (499) 143-6324
Fax: 956-1880; (+7 (495) 956-1880)
Web Page:

Address of the Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Paris:
19, Avenue Foch, 75116 Paris
Tel: (+33) 1
Fax: (+33) 1