State of Israel

According to the Agreement between the Government of Georgia and the Government of the State of Israel on Visa Free Travel for Persons Holding National Passports, citizens who are holders of national passports of Georgia may enter, transit through and exit the territory of the State of Israel via any border check point designated for international travel without a visa.

Duration to stay on the territory of the State of Israel without a visa shall not exceed 90 days from the date of entering the country within each 6-month period.

It is necessary that a citizen, who intends to travel to the State of Israel, have a round trip ticket, and a valid passport which shall be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entering the country.

Besides, at the state border of the State of Israel travelers may be required to provide information on health insurance, hotel reservation and sufficient financial resources to stay on the territory of the State of Israel.
A visa free entry does not grant you a permit to work on the territory of the State of Israel!

Israel visa free travel requirements
  • A visa-free regime provides a citizen of Georgia with an opportunity to carry out a visa-free short-term visit to Israel with the following purposes: tourist, business, short-term exchange study programmes/training, training courses, participation in cultural or scientific events, medical treatment, etc.
  • A short-time visit implies that a citizen of Georgia can stay on the territory of Israel between 1 and 90 days in any 6-month period. Accordingly, a citizen of Georgia has to leave the territory of Israel until the term of his/her legal stay has expired. Any subsequent entry to the territory of Israel is possible when there has been more than 90 days (3 months) since the last entry.  Visa free travel to Israel does not guarantee the right to work or the rights of access to employment!!!
  • If a citizen of Georgia exceeded the time of legal stay in Israel, the stay on the territory of Israel will be considered to be illegal and a person will be subject to deportation (forcible return to Georgia). However, in such a case, any subsequent entry to Israel will be limited for a aforesaid person.  
  • Long-term visit to Israel for different purposes (including the right to work) requires issuing visa by the Consulate of Israel.
Procedures to be followed by citizens of Georgia at Ben Gurion Airport 
Ben Gurion International Airport is Israel’s main airport. It handles approximately 90% of passengers coming to the territory of Israel. Therefore, the country’s all state services – border protection forces, customs service and security service - located at Ben Gurion Airport, perform their duties with utmost prudence and maximum attentiveness.

Border control service officer can ask a citizen of Georgia to present the following documents:  
  • Proof of purpose of visit (an invitation or a copy of the residence permit of the person you are going to visit, hotel reservation or a document confirming that you will live with friends or relatives, confirmation of the medical institution you are going to be treated, travel or health insurance, etc.);
  • Proof of sufficient funds required for living in the country within a full period of travel and for returning home (cash, traveler’s cheques or valid bankcards, etc.);
  • Return guarantee: round-trip ticket (air ticket, bus or other transport ticket for traveling within the country);
  • Passport which shall be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entering the country;
There are strict border crossing requirements to enter Israel. The Border Protection Service, with a view to identifying purpose of visit, may hold an additional interview with travelers. Border crossing procedures along with the interview may last for 3-4 hours and depend on the flow of travelers and immigration service human resources by that time.  

When refused entry to Israel

Israel’s Border Protection Service reserves the right to refuse entry into or stay in Israel to the person considered undesirable in compliance with the country’s valid legislation and regulations.

If a citizen of Georgia is refused to enter Israel, Israel’s Border Protection Service draws up a relevant document indicating the reason and duration of entry refusal and submits it to the citizen. 

Having received a refusal, a citizen of Georgia is asked to go to a special waiting room, where he/she can have a rest, take food or water; he/she can also contact family members and inform them about his/her situation. A group of medical professions is working during 24 hours and, if necessary, will render relevant assistance to travelers.

Israel’s Border Protection Service ensures that citizens of Georgia, who received the entry refusal, use the same flight (same air company and route) on their return to Georgia. For instance, if a citizen of Georgia arrive in Israel by Air Company “Airzena” flight Tbilisi – Tel Aviv, he/she will fly back by the same Air Company. If he/she arrived in Israel by Air Company “Pegasus” flight Tbilisi-Isnabul-Tel Aviv, he/she will be back by the same Air Company flight Tel Aviv-Istanbul-Tbilisi. The same is with other air companies.

If due to the long interview or immigration procedures, citizens of Georgia failed to return by the same flight, they will be put to Population and Immigration Service’s Temporary Detention Facility at Ben Gurion Airport, where they will be able to take food or water and, if necessary, to receive medical assistance. 

Citizens of Georgia, being at Temporary Detention Facility, can call family members. To this end, they could apply to the Temporary Detention Facility Administration. 

During the summer high tourist season, the flow of passengers from Israel to Georgia increases and in some cases, tour operators buy and book the flights ahead of time. Therefore, the return of citizens of Georgia even by next flight is mostly complicated and they have to stay at Population and Immigration Service’s Temporary Detention Facility for several days.    

It should be noted that the Embassy of Georgia in Israel is not authorized to intervene in Israel’s immigration procedures; therefore, the Embassy’s Consular Service will not be able to help citizens of Georgia to enter Israel.

Further information on the Israel visa free travel requirements is available on the web-page of the Embassy of Georgia in Israel:
Information on the rights, foreign citizens are enjoying when detained in compliance with the Law “On Entry to Israel” in case of entry refusal is available on the web-page of the Embassy of Georgia in Israel:
Information on bringing in the State of Israel medications for personal consumption:

When aliens enter the State of Israel, they can bring in medications of personal use with the following conditions:
  • An alien shall have a relevant prescription translated into English (Apostille certification is not required), which includes the name, last name, age, and diagnosis and the drug name prescribed.
  • In case of bringing in drugs/psychotropic substances an alien shall submit translated documents issued by a relevant body in the country of dispatch.
  • In case of failure to submit these certifications, the Customs Service will take away the personal medications from aliens.
Georgian citizens who intend to visit the State of Israel more 90 days have to apply for long-stay (national) visa of Israel.

For obtaining a visa you should address the consular section of the Embassy of State of Israel in Tbilisi.

Address of the Consulate of the State of Israel in Tbilisi:
154 D. Aghmashenebeli Street,  0102 Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel.: (+995 32) 255-65-00; (506);
Fax: (+995 32) 255-65-33;
The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel: