Mission, Values and Principles of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Georgia's foreign policy priorities are founded on the values established in modern democratic world. This interrelation allows us to ensure international support in accomplishing our priorities.

Stemming from the above, we formulate the mission of the diplomatic service and the values and principles that are essential to its fulfillment.


Promote National Interests of Georgia, Protect the Rights of Georgian Citizens Abroad, and Contribute to a Better World Community

Georgia's Foreign Service Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diplomatic Missions and Consular Services - serve fundamental national interests and values anchored in the National Security Concept and expressed in the President's vision that drive the overall goal of our foreign policy to enhance the security and international status of Georgia, ascertain Georgia's appropriate and dignified position in the system of international relations, and promote the interests of the country in an increasingly globalizing world.

In today's interdependent world, national security and prosperity cannot be achieved in isolation from the rest of the world. For our security to be lasting we need to support the global security; our independence and freedom depend on respect of the sovereignty of other states of the world; well-being and economic prosperity of other states and regions will influence the welfare of Georgian citizens; and consolidation of democracy in Georgia can only be achieved through strengthening democratic developments on a global scale. We will pursue foreign policy that is conscious of these principles and faithful to these beliefs.

To reach this vision, Georgian foreign policy of 21st century will strive to bring about international actions that advance the national interests of Georgia and Georgian citizens, as well as to make a contribution to building a world community in which there is enduring peace and security, an expanding democracy and lasting prosperity.


Declaration and articulation of the core values of the Ministry is essential for achieving organizational excellence and fulfillment of our mission and objectives.

In conducting foreign policy, we rest upon the constant set of values that reflect what the Foreign Service of Georgia and its employees believe.

We espouse these values as the high standards that our employees  in the Ministry, missions and consular services abroad must uphold and observe in their work. We will ensure that higher performance standards are achieved through integration of these values in achieving our priorities and goals as well as in everyday work.

They will be guiding our strategy for recruitment, evaluation, and training of our employees and should be internalized by every member of staff of the Foreign Service.

We adhere to the following values:

Patriotism:  Loyalty to Georgia and Georgian people is a cornerstone of our work. Fostering prosperity and security of our nation through our work is our major goal. We put our nation's interests above all.

Professionalism: In formulation and conduct of foreign policy, we maintain standards of professionalism and impartial implementation regardless of personal views. We encourage professional development and evaluate our employees on a merit-based principle.

Integrity:  In our work, we do not let personal profit and biased interests interfere with the fulfillment of our duties. Integrity is an inherent element of our work and an undividable part of our work ethics.

Dedication: Commitment to our duties and performing with dedication is a prerequisite for the achievement of our goals. Our task is of great responsibility and the dedication should equal it.

Accountability: We fulfill our duties with responsibility commensurate to the importance of our mission and always remember that we are working for our nation and are accountable to it.

Guided by the shared values in pursuit of our mission and in our everyday work we welcome development of such qualities as creativeness and leadership; we encourage initiative and proactiveness; we detect challenges before they become threats and reveal opportunities before they become apparent. We will ensure the unity and the coordinated and coherent work of all components of the diplomatic service. This will allow us to use the existing diplomatic resources in an effective and efficient manner in achieving the key policy priorities.


Foreign policy is the bridge between Georgia and the world. In pursuit of our mission, the Ministry will build and maintain a persistent foreign policy and conduct proactive diplomacy guided by three principles, which are predictability, sustainability, and continuity.
First, we will strive to build and maintain strong bilateral and multilateral relationships that dwell on predictability of our foreign policy actions and initiatives, which will be a key criterion that will ensure Georgia's role as a full-fledged and reliable partner in a new European and international orchestra. We will establish stable and solid course of foreign policy, able to adjust to the rapidly changing environment. At the same time we will avoid sudden and surprising changes that might lead to new challenges for the durability of our international position and security.

Second, sustainability of steady and coherent foreign policy initiatives will depend on our ability to strengthen institutional foundations of the foreign policy so it can deliver on the promises we make. This will allow our allies and friends to engage in mutually beneficial, durable and trusting bilateral and multilateral relationships.

Third, our foreign policy will dwell on continuity of national interests, which is based on consistent consensual priorities to be promoted internationally.

These three principles will govern our diplomacy, and will enable us to be a reliable and trustworthy partner, which, while remaining devoted to its national interests, respects the interests of partners.