David Bakradze

bakradze.jpgDate of birth: July 1, 1972.

Marital status: Married, has two children.

Languages: English; Russian.

Diplomatic Rank: Senior Councilor.


February, 1995 - November, 1996: Georgian-American Institute of Public Administration. Specialty: Public Administration. Degree: Master of Public Administration

November, 1994 - June, 1998: Post-graduate studies at Georgian Technical University. Specialty: Radio-physics. Degree: Candidate of Physics and Math Sciences.

September, 1989 - July, 1994: Engineering-Physics faculty of Georgian Technical University. Specialty: Physics and Technology of Materials and Components of Electronic Equipment. Degree: Engineer of Electronic Equipment.

September, 1978 - July, 1989- Tbilisi Secondary School N1.

Professional Courses

February, 2001 - July, 2001-Defense College of NATO (Rome, Italy), Course of Studies of Officers and Diplomats.

July, 1998 - September, 1998 - Research Center of European Security Issues (Germany), Course of Defense and Security "Leaders of 21st century".

August, 1997-September, 1997: University of International Relations of Swiss Confederation (Geneva, Swiss Confederation), Special course of Diplomacy.

Other Important Preparation Courses

March 2007: Institute of Political Studies Of Japan (Tokyo, Japan), Special Course of Democratic Parliamentary Management.
July 2003: College of Galilee( Tuvin, Israel),Special course of Issues of National Security.

July 2002: Department of Justice of USA(Washington, USA), Special Antiterrorist Program of State and Justice Departments of USA, Seminar of Legislation on Fight against Terrorism

April 2000: College of National defense of Sweden (Stockholm), Course of Resolution of Conflicts and International Law.

August 1999 - September 1999: International Academy of Protection of Order and Law (Hungary), Special Preparatory Course for Avoiding Dissemination of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Ministry of Defense of the USA.

July 1999: International Peace Academy (Baden, Austria), Course of Peace Operations

May 1999: NATO Defense College (Rome, Italy), Integrated course of NATO/OSCE

March 1998: Organization of Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (The Hague, Holland), course of studies of prohibition of chemical weapons for representatives of national structures.

Working experience

From January 31, 2008 to May 5 - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

From June, 2007 - January, 2008 -State Minister for Conflict Issues.

2004 - 2007 -Member of Parliament of Georgia, Chairman of Committee of European Integration.

2004 - 2004 -Director of Department of Political Security, National Security Council.

2003 - 2004 -Director of Department of Foreign-Political Security and Conflicts, National Security Council.

2002 - 2003 -Head of Service of Security Issues, National Security Council.

2000 - 2002 -Deputy Director of Military-Political Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1998 - 2000 -Head of Armament and Disarmament Control Administration, Military Political Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1996 - 1998 - Deputy Head of Armament and Disarmament Control Administration, Military Political Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2005 -Member of State Commission on NATO Integration;

2005 - Member of State Commission on European Union Integration.

1997 - 2002 - Member of Administrative Council of Georgian-American Institute of Public Administration.

1997 - 2002 - Individual Member of NISPA.

1996 - 1998 - Constitutive member of NEPAS.