Relations between Georgia and the Italian Republic

Chronology of Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic relations between the Georgia and the Italian Republic were established on 11 May, 1992.

In 1994, the Embassy of Georgia was opened in Italy.

Georgian Ambassadors to Italy:

  • H.E. Konstantine Surguladze 2018 – to date
  • H.E. Karlo Sikharulidze 2013 - 2018
  • H.E. Konstantine Gabashvili 2008-2012
  • H.E. Zaal Gogsadze 2004-2008
  • H.E. Rusudan Lortkipanidze 1998-2004
  • H.E. Beglar Tavartkiladze 1994-1998

In 2000, the Embassy of the Italian Republic was opened in Georgia.

Italian Ambassadors to Georgia:

  • H.E. Antonio Enrico Bartoli 2015 - to date
  • H.E. Federica Favi 2011-2015
  • H.E. Vittorio Sandalli 2007-2011
  • H.E. Fabrizio Romano 2004-2007
  • H.E. Michelangelo Pipan 2000-2003

Main Fields of Cooperation:

On 16-17 July, 2018 the President of the Italian Republic H.E. Sergio Mattarella paid the first historic visit to Georgia. During the abovementioned visit, several Memorandums of Understandings were signed between Georgia and Italy in the spheres of Healthcare, Education and Culture.

Several agreements have been concluded between Georgia and Italy, which include the cooperation in the fields of defense, economy, transport, culture, education etc.

Cooperation within the international organizations is very dynamic.

Since 2004, Georgian-Italian economic and business fora have been held periodically. The priority spheres include construction, infrastructure, agricultural and tourism fields.

After 2008 Russian-Georgian war, the Italian Government  provided multilateral programme for Georgia, which included the provision of assistance and temporary accommodation for IDPs, psycho-social rehabilitation, provision of medicines and medical equipment and hosting IDP children. The cooperation in the field of culture, education and science is quite successful. Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides scholarships for the Georgian students to study at different universities in Italy.

In 2006, “Dante Aligieri Society” was established in Tbilisi aiming at the promotion of Italian language and culture.

Primary school ''Tsiskari'', where the youth is given the opportunity to study Italian as the primary language is functioning in Tbilisi.

To introduce cultural, historical and scientific resources of Georgia to Italy, different types of cultural events are organized. Cooperation at experts’ level is successfully developing in the fields of cultural heritage protection and archaeology.

In April 2010, in the park of ''Villa Borghese'' in Rome, in the prominent figures’ alley, the statue of Shota Rustaveli was unveiled next to the statues of Shakespeare, Goethe, Dante and Dumas.

In the framework of the Movement "Equilibrium" at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, Georgian book corners and reading halls/spaces are functioning in Rome and Milan.

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