Invest In Georgia

The combination of dynamic economic growth, efficient, pro-business and corruption-free government, a liberal tax code, a strong legal framework to protect investors and an educated and skilled workforce presents a solid platform for successful business in Georgia.

Georgian National Investment agency promotes and facilitates Foreign Direct Investment in Georgia. The agency serves as a "Directory" for investors and provides various free services including arrangement of forums, conferences, B2G and B2B meetings etc. The agency provides up-to-date information about the potential of Georgia as an investment destination; as well as, sector-specific studies on different investment opportunities in the country, which may include particular project offers.

Investing in Hydro Energy

xudoni_t.jpgGeorgia is the second richest country in the world in terms of hydro recourses per capita. The country has huge potential to become the region’s net green electricity provider. The maximum utilization of the abundant hydro-resources is a priority for Government. The main objective of the long-run energy policy is the attraction of foreign investments for the construction of the new power plants.

In accordance with the potential of high-capacity power generation and the increasing demand, the main objectives of the energy policy are:

  • Rehabilitation of the infrastructure connecting to the neighbor countries’ energy systems
  • Construction of the new transmission lines and substations
  • Export of the surplus power generated in new and existing power plants.

Enterprise Development Agency

Main goal of Enterprise Development Agency, which was established in 2014, is to promote and support start-up, small and medium-sized businesses and the export potential of the country. The agency provides consultation, educational and technical assistance to entrepreneurs and both legal and physical persons, prepares industry and export related surveys, provides information to export oriented legal and physical persons and cooperates with international and donor organizations. It will prepare strategy for entering into the new markets, promote business and export development and ensure other functions for promoting export potential of the country.

The Rural and Agricultural Development Fund

The Fund was established in 2013 as a non-profit, non-entrepreneurial legal entity. The goals of the Fund are implementation of assistance programs for farmers, Development of rural infrastructure, providing cheap credits for agricultural production, Introduction of modern technologies in agriculture, Establishment of an insurance mechanism, establishment of agricultural land fund and its consolidation.

Tourism Georgia

Tourism is a fast-growing sector of the Georgian economy. In 2013 the share of tourism in Gross Output of the country’s economy amounted to 7.1% according to preliminary data. Compared to the previous year, the total output of production in tourism related services increased by 9.5%. Georgia is a unique haven of biodiversity with subtropical marshes, semi-deserts, alpine zones and snowy peaks all within hundred kilometers of each other. More than 12 000 historical and cultural monuments, four out of which are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, over 103 resorts, around 2400 springs of mineral waters, 8 national parks and 31 protected areas.

Georgia at a glance

  • Our History – recent history as well as ancient. Recent historical agreement, memorandums and treaties.
  • Our Culture - cultural events calendar
  • Our Languages
  • Restrictions on what to bring into the country: ie. Types of drugs, food, wineà brief description and for more information link to the boarder agency website.
  • Getting around à Plan your journey in and around Tbilisi
  • The Georgian Railway and a brief overview of the routes àlink to Georgian Tourism ministry if relevant.