Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova have signed the Memorandum founding the “Associated Trio”

The Georgian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Zalkaliani, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, and their Moldovan counterpart, Aureliu Ciocoi, signed in Kiev the mutual understanding memorandum of the respective Foreign Ministries of the three EU associated states – Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova - founding the “Associated Trio”.

With the signing of said memorandum the Foreign Ministries of the three states agree to establish a joint coordination and cooperation format – the “Associated Trio”, which aims to further deepen European integration of the aforementioned three states.

All three states recognise their final goal as accession into the EU, based on the 49th article of the EU treaty. In turn, the members of the trio will implement the obligations taken within the framework of the association agreement.

The Associated Trio will cooperate on issues of European integration, including the implementation of the association agreement and development of the Eastern Partnership. The three states will work together to become closer to the EU, strengthening political dialogue and sectoral economics.

The Associated Trio will also aim to receive access to the EU common market based on the DCFTA; while, simultaneously, developing dialogue between said trio and the EU commission on such priority issues as transport infrastructure, energy, digital transformation, green economics, strategic communications, etc. Additionally, the three states will deepen cooperation with the EU in the field of security and defence. Participation in EU agencies and programmes will also continue.

The Associated Trio express hope that more-for-more principle for associated states will help gradually integrate them into the EU in terms of legal and institutional harmonisation, which will bring specific benefits for citizens of said countries.

The memorandum underscores the staunch support of the EU for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the associated states within their internationally recognised borders. The three states will work jointly to peacefully resolve conflicts with engagement of the EU.

The Trio Format based on the foundations of said memorandum entails trilateral consultations, the appointment of special coordinators within the three Ministries, with meetings to be held on high levels even between Ministers if need be before “Eastern Partnership” summits, establishing joint dialogue platform, as well as organising appropriate public events.

Memorandum on Establishing Enhanced Cooperation on European Integration – the “Association Trio”