27 June 2014 is the biggest landmark in Georgia’s recent foreign relations

On 27 June 2014 Georgia and the EU signed the Association Agreement making this day the biggest landmark in Georgia’s recent foreign relations.
As a chief negotiator, I am proud to have made my modest contribution to this process. I believe that this is the most significant and tangible outcome of my diplomatic career. I will always be proud of this document as a legacy which my country and the diplomatic service has inherited.
The Association Agreement is Georgia’s guide to a more successful, more democratic and economically prosperous future. Therefore, I’d like to congratulate this day on each citizen of Georgia as the Association Agreement is the achievement of each of them.
Based on the historical ties between and the common values of Georgia and the EU Member States, the Georgia-EU Association Agreement includes concrete steps to be taken by Georgia towards integration with the European Union. The AA also recognizes Georgia’s aspiration to joint the family of European nations.
Independent Georgia has come a long and difficult path before signing the Association Agreement with the European Union. This Agreement is a proof of the Georgian people’s European choice and provides for the ways to implement this choice.
EU integration is not the dimension of only Georgia’s foreign policy. This process is closely related to the strengthening of Georgia’s democratic institutions, economic development, welfare of our citizens, further recognition of Georgia’s ancient culture and the peaceful future of our country. Anyone who is familiar with the history of Georgia over the past decades, can see the progress in all these areas - the progress which, with the implementation of the Association Agreement, becomes all the more obvious.

Georgia’s integration with the European Union is also connected with the restoration of the territorial integrity and the reconciliation policy. The peaceful resolution of the conflict is one of the key issues in the Georgia-EU political dialogue.
The Association Agreement envisages the parties’ commitments towards peaceful resolution of the conflict within the internationally recognized borders and highlights the importance of implementation of the 12 August Ceasefire Agreement, as well as of the safe and dignified return of Internally Displaced Persons.

The implementation of the Association Agreement is the obligation of the Georgian Government and each of our citizens - because this is the obligation we have undertaken towards our country and its future to ensure that the generations to come live in a peaceful, successful and prosperous country. With its history, values, aspirations and longstanding efforts, Georgia really deserves it.