the US Senate adopted its own version of the Defence Authorisation Act for the 2021 fiscal year

On the 23rd of July of 2020 the US Senate adopted its own version of the Defence Authorisation Act for the 2021 fiscal year.

The document outlines staunch support for the national interests and security issues of a strategic partner of the US - Georgia.
With the adoption of the aforementioned document the US Senate underscores the significance of Black Sea security, outlining Georgia’s role in this context. According to the aforementioned act, the US shall continue its open-doors policy for NATO.

According to the legislation, Russia continues to pose as a strategic rival of the US, thus, within the context of containment of said rival the US Congress has ordered the Defence Department to strengthen its focus on the Black Sea region, allocating appropriate resources in order to ensure a balance of military might, increasing large-scale NATO, as well as other, multilateral military drills, including with the participation of Georgia, along with the Ukraine.

According to the legislation the Congress calls on the current US administration to strengthen the capabilities of US partner and allied states in the region, in order to neutralise the threats emanating from the Russian Federation. Such steps include wider cooperation in the field of cyber-security and strengthening the sustainability of resistance of US allies towards misinformation, as well as propaganda campaigns.

On the 21st of July the US House of Representatives adopted its own version of the above-mentioned document, which encompasses issues of Georgia’s territorial integrity, Euro-Atlantic integration, as well as strong messages in terms of the strengthening of Georgia’s defence capabilities.

After the two versions of the two Chambers of Congress were congregated the document was relayed to POTUS (President of the United States) for ratification. Upon receiving the president’s signature, the document will be officially passed into law.