We brought home up to 3000 of our citizens; no other country, much bigger and stronger than Georgia could not do that – Zalkaliani

Georgia is one of the first countries to arrange for the return of its own citizens from high-risk zones, something that even big states could not achieve. Georgian citizens staying abroad are assisted around- the-clock by the Georgian diplomatic missions abroad, according to the Georgian Foreign Minister, David Zalkaliani.
Just a month ago, we were the first to put our citizens on flights home from China, with the assistance of our partners – Turkey and France and based on our own resources. We were one of the first to evacuate our citizens from Rome, on two special flights and we did it in a highly orderly and coordinated manner.We brought home up to 400 of our citizens from Poland, with the help of LOT. I personally had a telephone communication with my colleagues to help our 90 citizens having problems with crossing the Bulgarian-Turkish border to return to Georgia. Today our compatriots are taking a flight to Georgia from Ukraine, and from Dubai. Late in the evening Belavia operated a flight to Georgia, with only 120 Georgian citizens on board, instead of 165 as we had expected.
According to him, Georgian citizens should return home step by step and in full coordination in order to ensure that they properly undergo quarantine procedures.
“We should act very responsibly. We can’t afford errors. I’d like to remind everyone, including the business sector that there can be no business interests when human health is at stake. Every day we are faced with many problems of which we say nothing but it does not mean that we do nothing. We are doing our utmost and will continue to do so” – the Minister said.