The Georgian Government’s professionalism and interest in foreign diplomats’ well-being during the pandemic is exemplary – diplomatic corps accredited to Georgia

On behalf of the diplomatic corps accredited to Georgia, Apostolic Nuncio to Georgia José Avelino Bettencourt sent a letter of gratitude to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
 “The diplomatic community accredited to Georgia would like to express how much we appreciated the Georgian Authorities’ and in a particular way the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s continual and unwavering interest in our well-being and needs throughout the most challenging moments of the crisis” – reads the letter.
 According to the Apostolic Nuncio, the Georgian government’s attentive and constant contact with the diplomatic community gave them the strength and the means to serve and look forward to the end of this tragic world crisis. 
„The diligence, patience and friendliness of the Government Authorities, deputies and of many in your offices is exemplary and always greatly appreciated“ – reads the letter.
On closing, José Avelino Bettencourt expresses the hope that he will soon meet David Zalkaliani and will personally express his deepest respect and gratitude, though “words cannot fully express our appreciation for the professional dedication and guidance accorded to us” – reads the letter.