Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

Regrettably, the media is still continuing to speculate about the possible military cargo flights through the airspace of Georgia.  

It is well-known that Georgia has closed its airspace for military flights, on which we have repeatedly stated publicly.  As far as civil and humanitarian flights are concerned, Georgia remains fully in line with its international obligations in this regard. In view of this, we would like to clarify that no special permit is required for such flights and civil flights are carried out based on respective notifications and information. Hence, according to the documents and information available to Georgia, all flights operated in Georgian airspace fully conform to international norms and ICAO standards. 

To ensure secure air services and prevent the use of civil flights for other purposes, we call on all countries, both shippers and receivers of cargoes, to exercise strict control over the air carriages involving  civil and humanitarian cargoes. It is the primary responsibility of the shipping countries to ensure that civil flights are operated in compliance with the standards and principles of the Chicago Convention, which bans the deliberate use of civil aviation for military purposes. 

Georgia will strictly react to any violation detected or sufficient evidence thereof, and violators will be held  liable under international law.