The flight will bring home Georgians from Amsterdam

The Georgian government continues the orderly and gradual repatriation process. Today the charter flight will bring home Georgians from Amsterdam.
Since the COVID-19 outbreak, this is the third charter flight from the Netherlands.
Among passengers are persons with chronic, oncological or other grave health conditions, pregnant women, students and sailors, as well as transit passengers from Thailand, Australia, Sudan, Indonesia, Qatar, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Denmark and France.
Besides, the charter flight from Amsterdam scheduled for 15 May will bring home 100 Georgians from the U.S., including students, servicemen, elderly people and tourists.
Under the Coordination Council’s schedule, flights have been performed from various cities of the world, including from Berlin, Vienna, London, Athens, U.S., Larnaca, Amsterdam, Beijing, Rome, Paris, Tel-Aviv, Barcelona, Warsaw, Madrid, Prague, etc. 
Georgia’s diplomatic representations abroad have assisted 19,215 citizens of Georgia in the host countries. The Government has organized the repatriation 9,815  citizens to Georgia, as of 7 May.
Berlin-Tbilisi flight will be performed on 9 May, as determined by the Coordination Council.