"We appreciate Germany’s support for the European aspirations of Georgia “ – David Zalkaliani

2.07.2018, Berlin – “Georgia is an inseparable part of the European family, to which attest the tangible successes made in the process of democratic transformation and rapprochement with Europe – successes that are unanimously recognized by our partners including Germany. Georgia and Germany have a very fruitful cooperation for Georgia’s European integration. We highly appreciate Germany's role in Georgia’s European integration and the country’s support for the Georgia-EU visa free waiver. Today, the relations between Georgia and the European Union have become increasingly dynamic, a tribute for which goes to our European colleagues” - The Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani said at a joint press conference with the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.
According to David Zalkaliani, the fact that Georgian-German relations are special is proved by the fact that his first official visit as the foreign minister is taking place in German.
The Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani has welcomed the initiative of the government of Germany to take further steps of cooperation with the countries of the Eastern Partnership which have European values and a European approach to statehood.
“The words by the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas are a clear recognition of Georgia as a European country,” Zalkaliani stated after the meeting with his German counterpart in Berlin today.
The Georgian Foreign Minister spoke about the reforms Georgia has carried out for European integration. Special value, in this light, should be placed on the Association Agreement. According to Zalkaliani, the Georgian government developed a European integration roadmap to help Georgia get closer to the European Union. “Georgia’s ambition is to become a role model of European integration in the region and beyond” – Zalkaliani said.    
Zalkaliani thanked Minister Maas for supporting visa-free travel with Georgia. He also stressed that the Georgian citizens have benefited considerably from visa-free travel and that relevant steps will continue to be made to avoid any violation of the European travel regulations.
David Zalkaliani also highlighted Germany’s important role in the context of NATO Summit in Brussels, as well as Georgia-Germany successful co-operation in ensuring international security.
“As we all know, based on the decision of the NATO Bucharest Summit, Georgia will become a NATO member. During the meeting with my German colleague I paid particular attention to the upcoming NATO summit and the importance of the appropriate evaluation of Georgia’s progress towards the alliance.
We welcome that Germany recognizes Georgia’s merit in the strengthening of Euro-Atlantic security,” Zalkaliani said.
Zalkaliani and Maas also spoke about Georgia’s role in the NATO-Black Sea security discussions. Special attention was paid to Russia’s illegal activities  in the occupied territories of Georgia that once again point to the need to create human rights and security mechanisms on the ground. The Georgian Foreign Minister spoke about the government of Georgia peace initiative for the peaceful resolution of conflict. He emphasized the role of the European Union as the co-chair of the Geneva International Discussions and highlighted the Georgian government’s peace initiative “A step toward a better future”, which is directed towards ensuring that Georgia’s occupied regions also enjoy the benefits of integration with the EU.